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Photography has always been one of my greatest passions and has given me the opportunity to explore my artistic side. I have spent countless hours studying the techniques used by some of the most renowned photographers in the industry...


As a professional video editor, I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best mentors from around the world. Through their guidance and expertise, I have been able to master a range of video editing software that enable me to bring my creative visions to life in the most stunning and...


I find immense joy and satisfaction in the art of logo design, and I am confident in my ability to create beautiful and eye-catching logos that are both unique and memorable. From a young age, I knew that I had a natural talent for this craft, and over time, through plenty of practice and experimentation...

"Our duty is to bear fruit from our forefathers' deep-rooted tree."

A Brief History Of Maring Tribe

Recalling memories of our forefathers handed down through oral legends from generation to generation. 


The oral legends of the forefathers that have been handing down from generation to generation tells that the Maring people were once upon a time living inside the cave called "Nungmuisho" in


The legendry or oral chronicle about the early settlement of the Maring people says that they after first settled at Kulwi-Shongshong (underneath the earth or East land) gradually moved to


Maring is one of the oldest Naga Tribes found settled in the South-Eastern part of the present state of Manipur (India), bordering Myanmar (Erstwhile Burma). They mostly inhabit the Chandel District of

"Promoting and preserving our culture"

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