Origin of Maring Tribe

The oral legends of the forefathers that have been handing down from generation to generation tells that the Maring people were once upon a time living inside the cave called "Nungmuisho" in Kulwi-Shongshong under the rulership of Khopu-Rampu with full civilizations. The rulers were:

I. Charang (Pu-Raangmei, Rangmeithil/Rangshon/Kungnorkarung)
2. Dangsha (Khaalshirung, Nangsha/Angsha)
3. Makung (Kungkarung/MakuTolnu) and
4. Tontang (Taangkirung, Taangmanshou/Taangmanthral).

The oral legend also says that the life inside the cave or underneath the Earth was terribly difficult and hard. However they could not easily come out of the cave, as there was a big stone called Lhungthung in local term which means a huge stone gate, sealing the gate of the cave. They tried to open the stone gate using different means like Hok (Pig), Hal (cow), Nalui (buffalo), etc. but in vain. The legend also says that the flattened nose of the pig and the crack marks on buffalo's horns was obtained while trying to push open the stone gate which was sealing the Lhungthung (Stone gate). After long consultation among the elders, Sirim-Paa bungraang (male black with white-spotted mithun) was bought and brought from an old woman of a Chote village then was sent to push open the Lhungthung which atlast could open the Lhungthung. Thus, the Maring people who had been struggling to set free themselves from the terrible and hard life in Nungmuishor (under neath the cave) at last could make it and the first human settlement on earth begun there. The legend thus says that the Mithun is therefore the only sacrosanct animal acceptable for important ritualistic ceremonies like "Minphuk-phalphuk" (naming of person),"Thil Kalai (erection of monument stones), "Paar-kayao, Halbu-boon" (erection of ritualistic flower vats and poles), "Khithro" (rituals for the deceased), "Nu man" (Bride Price), etc.

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